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The “Nutrition & food safety and wholesomeness – Prevention, education and research network” – NOODLES – is a network of local organizations boosting a non‐communicable diseases (NCDs) prevention frame for the mitigation of infant morbidity and mortality, the improvement of healthy life and increase life expectancy. Noodles is committed to work to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Specific objective of NOODLES is the prevention/mitigation of toxic environmental exposures. Indeed, during the development from womb to childhood exposure to environmental factors does impact on the organism development programming, with major consequences on the risk for a variety of health disorders and NCDs in adult life, from infertility through to metabolic syndrome and cancer. Main clusters of activities are…read more


Prevention Without Borders is the journal of the NOODLES Network. The journal serves as tool for scientific dissemination linking societal and scientific components of the Network. The journal publishes articles that are judged, after editorial review, to support research in its attempts to improve risk analyses and science-society dialogue. The journal hosts different article types, such as Community Case Study, Conceptual Analysis, Empirical Study, Commentary, Hypothesis and Theory, Mini Review, Opinion, Perspective… read more


The NOODLES Gallery contributes the purpose of the Network to generate new knowledge, stimulate research by collecting photographs and vides related to diet, food, food productions, and consumers’ products in areas of the world where limited coverage on these topics still exists. To send photographs (jpeg, gif, png format) and videos to NOODLES please write to The photographs and videos submitted should not have been published previously. Photographs and videos should be accompanied by a caption reporting name of author, subject, place, and year… read more



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