2006: Seminal meeting during the Congress of the African Society for Toxicological Sciences (ASTS) held in Limbe, Cameroon, October 21-28

2008: Registration of NOODLES.Onlus (Italy) as not-for-profit organization of social utility under the Italian law. The Statute states as follows:

1. NOODLES pursues goals of social solidarity in disadvantaged situations, particularly in developing countries, in the field of food safety and wholesomeness, and nutrition. With the active involvement of the local communities, the organization carries out activities in i) training, ii) promotion of culture and prevention, and iii) defense of the right to health, including the right to information on health, also through actions like:

a. Support and promotion of training and scientific publishing activities in developing countries;

b. Development of tools, including database, for the elaboration and dissemination of available information in developing countries, with particular care of the relationships between the state of health of the population and the exposure pathways to harmful substances or nutrients;

c. Dissemination of informative materials, including warnings in non-epidemics public health emergencies related to food toxicology and exposure scenarios

d. Promotion and dissemination of early diagnostic measures for the defense of typical food productions and food self-sufficiency.

2. The organization can develop all the activities connected to the its own aim, such as the promotion and development of research programs, cooperation and prevention, including the easing of developing countries’ participation to research networks.

2010: Signature of the Cameroon-Nigeria-Italy scientific platform. The Memorandum of Understanding states as follows:

The multidisciplinary scientific platform links research and diagnostic in environmental health, animal productions, food production, and human health. The platform promotes a Social Toxicology transferring the findings of research to communities and citizens health to contribute the actions for the Millennium

Development Goal of reducing child mortality. Nutrition and food safety are inextricably linked, particularly in places where food supplies are insecure.

Safe food can contribute reducing neonatal mortality and morbidity, protecting growth and development and promoting mother-child health. Multi-factorial diseases involve environmental and dietary exposures, whose role is still under-recognized. The MoU pursues: i) diet-based strategies to support primary and secondary prevention of diseases; ii) mitigation of the body burden acquired following the exposure to toxicants; iii) eLearning in risk assessment and risk communication to increment capacity building of national expertise. Expertise covers diagnostic risk analysis (ISS, Italy), complementary medicine (Club DOH, Cameroon), cost-effective (bio)monitoring technologies (CNR, Italy), analytical chemistry (Centre Pasteur and HYDRAC, Cameroon; Univ. Port Harcourt, Nigeria), biochemistry (Univ. Yaoundé, Cameroon), in vitro (eco)toxicology (Univ. Dschang, Cameroon; ISS, Italy), in vivo toxicology (Univ. Buea, Cameroon; ISS, Italy), clinical diagnostics (Univ. Port Harcourt, Nigeria) as well as risk and risk-benefit assessment (ISS, Italy).

2016: Registration of NOODLES Cameroon as not-for-profit science-based organization recognized by Cameroonian authorities. After 5 years of involvement in various communities campaigns, NOODLES Cameroon is the very first registered daughter of the NOODLES research network and contributes to realize NOODLES vision. The working team of volunteers and members in Cameroon is composed of junior and senior scientists, social workers, community leaders, journalists, jurists, involved in various interfaces of nutrition, food safety, public health and policy making process.

2018: Registration of NOODLES Nigeria as not-for-profit sciencebased organization recognized by Nigerian authorities. After years of involvement in various scientific activities, NOODLES Nigeria joins the NOODLES network.



Legal address: 3743 Yaounde – Messa.
Bank account:  Financial House  0101169693712501
Phone office: 243250277 and 660278828

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