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The NOODLES Gallery contributes the purpose of the Network to generate new knowledge, stimulate research by collecting photographs and vides related to diet, food, food productions, and consumers’ products in areas of the world where limited coverage on these topics still exists. To send photographs (jpeg, gif, png format) and videos to NOODLES please write to The photographs and videos submitted should not have been published previously. Photographs and videos should be accompanied by a caption reporting name of author, subject, place, and year. Authors are responsible of information declared. Upon submission of the photograph or video, the author assigns the copyright to NOODLES. After approval for subjects and ethical issues (including the presence of identifiable individuals or digital manipulations) by the NOODLES editorial team, photographs and videos are protected by NOODLES copyright, with credit to the author. Photographs and videos are used in the frame of NOODLES activities and with the purpose of social utility. Photographs and videos may be published in the NOODLES Gallery and relevant social networks, with credit to the author; photographs may also be published, with credit to the author, in the Prevention Without Borders collection. The NOODLES editorial team give notice (website, social networks, brochures) of Call for pictures for the assignment (after evaluation by a international committee) of Prizes.

primary school Project
Street food and cookery
ASTS 2006
Diet and recipes
narrative prevention Project
Food producing animals markets
Primary food productions
Food markets
Food packaging and contact materials

Photo / Video Contest

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