Narrative prevention does not replace scientific research but integrate and stimulate scientific research on toxicological risks. The NOODLES network thanks the applicants of the 1st edition of the Call for pictures and videos within the activities of the “Narrative prevention” project. As indicated in the rules of the concourse the selection committee checked each application for compliance with relevant requirements. Indeed, in general the exercise highlighted an understanding of the toxicological risks and the narrative prevention approach. narrative preventionThe Commission decided that the best set of photos is the one submitted by Ulrich Saha Brice. With three photos, Brice hits the toxicological risk from the field to the table.

Since the specific and key objective of this concourse is to promote the capacity of highlighting previously unrecognized or overlooked scenarios linked to specific living or production environments and behaviors of communities, all photos have been commented by senior experts in food safety (please see link a flickr. According to the conditions of the Call, all photos are published on the NOODLES relevant platform link a flickr! with credits to the authors.

Let us congratulate with the applicants for their performance in this competition and collective exercise and look forward to receive new and more applications for the 2nd Narrative Prevention Prize.

Jan  2018

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