On December 11th 2017, following authorization by the Dean of the Faculty of science of the University of Douala, NOODLES launched its “One day workshop information tour”. The idea of this series of information workshops was raised during meetings done in October 2017 in Yaoundé during the annual conference of the Cameroon Society of Nutritional Sciences. Noodles officers had the opportunity to meet with the coordinator of the laboratory of nutrition and other nutritional programs from various state universities.

The head of department of Biochemistry of the University of Douala was the first to give authorization for the workshop to be hold.

Professor GOUADO Innocent (Coordinator of the laboratory of nutrition and food sciences) and Dr ETOUNDI Blanche (Coordinator of professional programs and partnership with private organization) followed the organization of the workshop, and opened the ceremony.

126 participants from Bachelor to PhD level preregistered to attend; on the D-day, 88 participants were registered, then after other non-registered participants joined the workshop. Students from the higher schools of trade (ESSEC), students from the laboratory of nutrition, laboratory of natural substances, microbiology and toxicology laboratory, and laboratory technician attended the workshop.

NOODLES vision, mission, projects and activities were presented to highlight new areas of research and food safety, particularly when it comes to sustainable diseases, trans generational diseases, non-communicable diseases, dietary risk assessment for chemicals compounds, and the operationalization of the One Health concepts in such scenarios.

On this note, NOODLES was invited to attend the upcoming regional conference on “food insecurity and sustainable development in sub – Sahara Africa”, to be organized from July 25th to 28th at the University of Douala, with participation of international partners.

Dec 11th 2018

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