NOODLES at the Master in Human Development and Food Security (HDFS), Roma Tre University

On the18th May 2016, NOODLES has been invited to give a talk at the “Università di Roma Tre”, Rome, Italy, on the “Challenge of One Health and Global Health strategies in Africa: an experience of North-South, South-South collaboration”. The talk, …

… presented by Rachel Cheng, is attended by students of MSc on “Human development and food security”, module on Food Security.

The talk focuses on the importance of primary prevention in food safety by presenting tree experiences made by the NOODLES network:

  1. the diagnostic risk assessment of e-waste, which highlighted possible intervention measures to mitigate the impact of e-waste on breastfeeding,
  2. the survey on alternative baby feeding, which highlighted intervention measures to mitigate the dumping of Bisphenol A (BPA) baby bottles,
  3. the study on traditional central-west Africa street foods, which highlighted intervention measures to mitigate toxicological hazards in street cookery.


First input:
18th May 2016

Rachel Cheng

member of NOODLES Italy

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