NOODLES has been invited at the Dakhla International study day on the theme:

“Food safety at the service of south–south cooperation” as the oldest food safety organization operating in Africa ….

….in the area of risk analysis. The 1st edition of the event (Dakhla convention center, Morocco, November 22nt to 26th) was organized by the association of African Food Safety Expert (AEFS) in collaboration with ASDI (Saharan association for sustainable development and the promotion of investment) and the Morocco Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Numeric economy. The event hosted 13 countries: Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Germany, Las Palmas island, Mauritania, Spain, Tunisia, and USA.

NOODLES was represented by Guy B. Pouokam, president of NOODLES.Cameroon, who presented activities and studies made so far by the network across the continent. GUY says: “the event has been a good opportunity to highlight challenges and discuss collaboration to strengthen efforts towards the establishment and update of food law in African countries”. You find the dossier published on the forum by the “Les Afriques” magazine in Media press (page 42). The second edition of the forum is announced in 2017.


First input:
22th – 26th November 2016

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