2018. C. Frazzoli, A. Mantovani (ed.). The environmentanimal-human web: a One Health” view of toxicological risk analysis, Frontiers in Public Health, Frontiers in Environmental Science. Open Access Research Topic


PublicationsOne health is a continuously developing field, that involves the multifaceted environment-animal-human web: neverthelessthrole otoxicological issues has yet to be  fully explored in this context, especially as regards experiences that can be transferred to health promotion and training. Food and environment do interact: environment influences the livinorganisms that produce human food and, in thmeanwhile, food productiooutputs influence the environmental quality. As for foods of animal origin, feed materials and practices are furthercomponents of the environment-food interactions. In order to avoid drowning into complexity”, priorities for riskanalysis (assessment/management/ communicationhave to be identified. The proposed Frontiers issue intends totackle the environment-animal-human web in a comprehensive way, from environmental pollution through tofeedingstuffs, live animals, safe  and  sustainablfooproductions,  human risk assessment  anfinally  communication antraining. Namely, the papers in the Research Topic are expected encompass: pollution ofecosystems by pesticides and other contaminants; feed quality as determinant of the safety and nutritional valuofhuman food; biomonitoring of live animals; sustainability aspects of animal productions; pollution-related humanhealth issues from a global perspective; Experiences in communication, dissemination and training. The proposedapproach intends to provide multidisciplinary signposts based on local experiences to establish a global onehealthframework; moreover, the contributions would identify issues for a safe and sustainable international food market

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