NOODLES participates the joint CSTS/SEATC‐AFRICA/NEF International Conference at the University of Buéa‐Cameroon, May 31st –June 3rd 2011, on the Theme ….

..“Searching for African Solutions to Human and Environmental Toxicological Challenges”. Professor Orish Orisakwe from Nigeria and Mr. Guy Pouokam from Cameroon attend the conference to present NOODLES activities. In particular, the following works were presented “A Veterinary Public Health approach to the e‐waste’s implications on mother‐child health in severely exposed areas”, and “Dumping of banned baby bottles from advanced economies: an invisible poison for African children?”.
During a platform discussion devoted to SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management‐ Africa region), serious discussion were raised on how to address emerging issues and sound management of chemicals at national and regional level. Examples taken during the assembly discussion were on Baby bottles and e-waste.
SAICM focal point for Cameroon (chief of service, environmental protection at the Ministry of Environment and nature protection – MINEP) encourages researchers, students and others organization to always try their best to make available such data to decision makers (at the Ministry) by writing report with findings and possible recommendations for formulation of policy interventions.
A lot of encouragement was received from participants, for the relevance of the topic and the effort to create more awareness.

First input:

May 31st –June 3rd 2011

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