NOODLES findings on a consumers alert in the World Library of Toxicology. In this case, …..

……baby bottles that contain BPA are found in large quantity in West Africa.

The post (Sept 23, 2011, highlights how, due to

i) the lack of public awareness on the potential effects of using these bottles on developing children,

ii) the lack of public awareness on usage methods that can reduce BPA releases,

iii) the economic hardships that prohibit many families from purchasing (more expensive) BPA free baby bottles, a scenario is expected where high child exposure to BPA will continue well into the future. The post underlines how public education and outreach campaign is necessary to inform parents, pharmacists, and shop owners on the potential impacts that using low quality consumers products can have on human, especially child, health. Consumers should be educated to read labels and get informed about the quality of consumers’ products, especially when vulnerable people (e.g. pregnant women, infants, children, diseased subjects) are involved.

First input:

23 September, 2011

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