2017. R. Cheng, A. Mantovani, C. Frazzoli. Analysis of food safety and security challenges in emerging African food producing areas through a One Health lens:the dairy chains in Mali. Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 80 (1)57–67

Challenges posed by changes in livestock production in emerging food producing areas and demographic development andclimate change require new approaches and responsibilities in the management of food chains. The increasingly recognized roloprimary food producers requires the support of the scientific community to instruct effective approaches based on scientificdata, tools, and expertise. Mali is an emerging food producing area, and this review covers (i) the dairy farming scenario and itsenvironment, (ii) the role of dairy production in food security, including the greatly different animal rearing systems in the Sahel and tropical regions, (iii) risk managemenpillars as modern infrastructures, effective farmer organizations, and institutionalsystems to guarantee animal health and safety of products, and (iv) feasible interventions based on good practices and riskassessment at the farm level (e.g., sustainable use of fertilizers, feeds, veterinary drugs, and pesticides) to protect consumersfrom food safety hazards. Social innovation based on the empowerment of the primary food producers emerges as crucial forsustainable and safe food production. Sustainable policies should be supported by the mobilization of stakeholders of OneHealth, which is a sciencebased approach to linking human health and nutrition with the health and management of foodproducing animals and environmental safety. In the context of thcomplex, multifaceted scenario of Mali dairy production, this article presents how a cost-effective animal health and food safety scheme could be established in the dairy production chain.Because milk is a major commodity in this country, benefits could be derived in food security, public health, the resilience of the farming system, animal husbandry, and international trade.

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