Noodles supports and gives contribution to risk assessment sessions of congresses and other scientific events (RAW 4 Univ of Buea, 2013, RASS 2017 Biotechnology center Yaoundé).

The Noodles Internship program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight in the technical and scientific activities conducted by members of the Network. The duration of internships is variable. The internships are not paid, but could be funded by external sponsors, funders, and donors.

Students interested in participating in an internship can apply by sending their candidatures to the email address: The internships are not paid.

Rapport Final RASS 2017

risk assessment module at the Cameroon Society of Toxicological sciences CSTS conference

Mercy Butta

Mercy Butta August 1th – October 31th, 2012.

Internship student in the frame of the collaboration with the HDFS Master of Roma Tre University, Dr. Butta has conducted her final master stage at Noodles.

She conducted an extensive research and prepared a dissertation on the importance of sorghum in Tanzania diet and its impact on nutrition security.

In particular, she focused on the improvement of Tanzanian sorghum-based recipes and their possible contributions to nutritional requirements for males and females of reproductive age as well as pregnant women.

Racel Cheng

Rachel Tung Fong CHENG. August 1th – October 31th, 2011.

Internship student in the frame of the collaboration with the Master in Human Development and Food Security (HDFS), Roma Tre University

Dr. Cheng has conducted her final master stage at Noodles. Rachel research has involved investigation and analysis on the role of the empowerment of farmers’ associations in the implementation of food safety practices and regulations in Mali. She has fulfilled the terms of reference we assigned to her, concerning the study of:

Type of livestock rearing systems in different areas of the country, with special attention to dairy animals

Role of livestock in food security in Mali

The role and size of enterprises and their associations

Critical issues for the livestock sector concerning safety and marketability of products

Regulations/practices of food, feed safety and animal health

lmportance of feed and animal products (especially milk) in the import/export

Types of milk products: raw and processed milk

Further investigations have included the followings:

lntegration with safety parameters detected by the technological platform criteria (BEST System) in the Food Safety System in Mali

Investigation of opportunities for the use of food wastes and agricultural byproducts in animal feed, especially milk cattle in Mali

Final aim has been to obtain a comprehensive view of the dairy animal rearing and production scenario in Mali and of feasible interventions for sustainable development. She also made preliminary research on food waste and agricultural by-products as feed. An article reporting the main findings has been published on the first issue of Noodles Journal: “Prevention without borders”

Guy Bertrand

Guy Bertrand POUOKAM. July 21st – September 17th, 2011.

“Technology transfer” Internship funded by The Bo Holmstedt Memorial Foundation/EUROTOX (“The BO HOLMSTEDT MEMORIAL TRAVELLING LECTURESHIP AWARD”).

Thanks to the NOODLES network, Guy Bertrand Pouokam has been hosted at the Food and veterinary toxicology Unit, Department of veterinary public health and food safety of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) and at the bio/chemosensors Laboratory of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR). Objectives of the Internship were gaining hand on the use BEST bioelectronics platform technology (ISS patent PCT WO/2010/001432) for diagnosis and management of issues related to feed and food safety, environmental pollution and human toxicology, and evaluation of technology transfer in sub-Saharan Africa.

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