An insight into Malian zootechny for sustainable intervention for primary production of fresh milk

This paper investigated the livestock systems which exist in Mali. It looked at the critical issues related to livestock sectors as well as dairy production, with a particular focus on fresh milk production. Investigation was also done on the food control system in Mali, meanwhile, Food Security related to animal production was analysed in four dimensions: food availability, food access, food stability and food utilisation. Different scenarios of milk chain were thus identified and HACCP approach was used to identify potential sources of toxicants contaminations. The final purpose is the detection of significant aspects of food safety (both chemical and microbiological) empowerment along the milk chain, from primary production to consumption…

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STAGE REPORT by Rachel Chang

PhD student in Vegetal Biochemistry at the Tuscia University and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy

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